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Investor Readiness Masterclass

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Our 'Get Investor Ready' Challenge Will Walk You Step-By-Step . ..In Understanding What Investors Are Seeking When They Invest, And How To Leverage This Information To Secure Funding For Your Startup Session 1: Overview Of Investor Readiness... Get Into The Mind Of The Investor To Understand How They See You At First Glance. Investors put as much money into your company as they do into you. Their interest is in how well you, as the founder, can communicate your vision and tell the story of your business. This is vital at this early stage since it indicates your capacity to draw investors later on or persuade clients to buy your goods or services. Session 2: The Practical Approach... We Will Run Through Our Investor Readiness Canvas To Help You IDENTIFY YOUR GAPS And HIGH-RISK Areas Our investor readiness canvas is tested over the years with our members. It is an executive summary of your project which will help you capture the attention of the investors and stimulate their interest. Session 3: Closing The Gaps... Now That You Know Where Your Gaps Are - We Will Dive Into How You Can Start CLOSING YOUR GAPS. Here we aspire to bridge these gaps that we find on the previous day between the entrepreneur's internally driven idea of investment readiness and the Angel Investor’s external perspective. We'll provide you with key content to help you bridge the gap along with extra tips to help you go the extra mile.

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