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Mentor | Angel Investor | Strategic Advisor | 4x Founder | Startup Advisor | M&A Practitioner

From idea validation to raising Angel, Seed, and Series A funding, I help Tech Founders scale their businesses. As Director at the Founder Institute, the world's largest pre-seed accelerator, I am is accountable for overall operations, spearheading fundraising efforts and strategic partnerships to drive organizational success and growth for early-stage startups. I work closely with the following organisations to grow startups across the globe

  • Founder Institute

  • Google for Startups

  • The Hult Prize Foundation

  • The Jack Ma Foundation (African Business Heroes)

  • The Venture Mentoring Team

  • The Mentorship Boardroom

Join the 'Get Investor Ready' Challenge and let her teach how to Impress Investors and get Funding that can help you Scale your business to new heights

Keshni Morar

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