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Services For Investors

Support The Right People

Find a startup that inspires you and invest in their growth.

Streamlining Your Decisions

We make it easier for angel investors and venture capitals to make informed decisions.

Filter through the mess and head straight to investing in a tech startup that speaks to you.


At a 100:1 ratio, it’s hard to find the right investment opportunity.  There are 100 businesses you see – but only one worth taking the leap.


We work with accelerators and founders to filter through the nonsense and find a startup that aligns with your values.

At the office


Each deal is complicated – and they’re always time-intensive. We’ll support you in the process and make sure the process is smooth.


From interpreting the data to strategy plans, we’ll make it easier than ever.


Identifying the level of risk is the most crucial step. There’s never a zero-risk startup, but we’ll make sure you have the info to make the right choice.


We’ll plan risk mitigation, resources, and preparation for both you and the startup. Let’s grow together.

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Invest The Right Way

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