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Investor Readiness Program

Financial Data

Get Your Business Off The Ground

  • Get clarity on the problem you are solving

  • Position your value proposition so it attracts customers and investors​

  • Find your Product -market fit before attempting to scale

  • Cut out the BS and get to understand the basics of fund raising  and what it's all about, before you attempt your first raise. 

Demystify the startup fundraising process

Young and cash-strapped entrepreneurs may find it challenging to transform an idea into a functioning business. Stress compounds when you have no idea where to start, what to do or what type of funding it best for you. 


With the right info and mentorship, your path to raising a round through the right avenues gets a whole lot  easier. 

We gathered all the info in one place, so you can stop wasting time on searching and spend more time on raising your round. 

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